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Thank you everyone for voting and participating in January Ride of the Month. We actually have two winners, which is great because we get to show off two awesome builds!

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The green Fiat is my wife's second, the white Abarth is my first. Both are 100% stock and now have about 3600 miles on them. These are photos we took on our way home to North Carolina. We flew to San Francisco, bought them both and took a road trip. The first pic was taken on HWY1 just south of Monterrey Bay, the second pic was taken at the Continental Divide in New Mexico, the third pic was taken at Cadillac Ranch in Texas. Sadly, I did not get to wash the cars until Nashville.


Castiron Brando

2013 Fiat Abarth
Sila Concept Short Ram V2, Custom 2.5in Midpipe/Axle Back to 3in round 6in long chrome tips, 1300 Watt Crunch, 10 Inch Polk Audio, Limo Tint, Eibach Sportlines, Rally Armor Flaps