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  • Brian Heath ·

    Thank you!

    Been hearing about this problem a number of times in the last 36 hours.

    Admin says:

    "It should be fixed soon. It looks like something went wrong with the user group promotion for the classified section of the forum".

    Not an intuitive reply, but it's an acknowledgement. So we know it's not 'us' users at least.

    Oliver500 ·
    June 14th at USF Tampa campus. there is an autocross event and its 40 bucks for 4 runs. im getting ready for it, it would be nice to have an Abarth to compare to.
    how do i post? i have been posting but no one responds? am i not doing it right? Or... am i just that boring !!!!! lol just kidding.:D
    Black500 ·
    No Problem my friend. I'm not trying to start **** but I couldn't beleive it myself?
    But I do know what the speedo said.
    Thank You for taking the time to pm me.
    Have a Great Weekend
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