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  • Fleeit ·
    I noticed recently that all the plastic covering the steering column, which was removed by the fiat techs to fix my dash cluster by the dealer, and there is nothing holding it there anymore. it seems they broke out every single screw hole and clip and didn't fix it or replace it. I am not at all happy with this finding and am sickened by the fact that no one but the dealer has ever touched this vehicle.
    PhantomII ·
    And btw, my 100 lb wife drives the car so it wasn't abused by me (6' 190 lbs). I've only been in the car twice in 3 years...
    PhantomII ·
    Any solution to the crappy drivers seat arm rest failure? I called a dealer in Austin Texas and he quoted me the fix is to replace the entire seat back rest at a price tag of over $1200. Seriously, $1200???? The arm cushion has failed, all the tabs both on the cushion and the some on the bottom have failed. I don't think a replacement cushion would stay on because the bottom is all messed up too.
    Any help????
    sospeso ·
    Morning! Just wanted to send a heads up that I attempted to reply to your message a couple of times, but your inbox is full. Thought you'd like to know. Thanks!
    sospeso ·
    Good afternoon Erika,

    I posted about a scary issue I had with my clutch today that I believe may not be due to normal wear and tear. However, the service manager told me he could almost certainly say that this fix would not be covered under warranty (as the clutch isn't covered after 12,000 miles/12 months). I noticed that you were very helpful with a couple of other Fiat owners who had similar issues. Could you please take a look at my original post when you have a moment? I'd really appreciate your assistance with this.

    Thank you!
    jtaylor ·
    Now the dealership is saying there is an "electrical draw" which means some of the electricity isn't getting to the motor. They have no way of determining where the draw is so they have to "gut the interior" and check all the electrical connections. I don't see how a missing tab relates to a faulty connection further down. He keeps talking about faulty, possibly frayed, wiring relating to the missing tab and now "possible electrocution". Is my car a lemon deathtrap? This is all so bizarre. Whatever happens I will no longer have warm fuzzy feelings about this car. What they are telling me is that they most likely neglected to include a piece I've been driving around a car that could have killed me. How many other cars are driving around in this state? The guy is acting like his done me this huge favor by saving me from the car he sold me. Does anyone else think these cars aren't safe to drive?
    jtaylor ·
    I went in to have my recalled part replaced in the San Francisco Studio and now they've had my 2014 500E for a week. They called and asked if I had ever been in an accident - I have not. They said there was a plastic tab missing that holds the power cord in place and since it wasn't there the cord was exposed which could result in a loss of power, crash or an ELECTRIC SHOCK THROUGH THE WHOLE CAR!! They said They said the fiat engineers weren't sure what to do and that I couldn't have my car back because it was unsafe to drive. The studio rep said the ENTIRE BATTERY may have to be replaced! Really? Because a plastic tab is missing? I called the FIAT customer service line. After being placed on hold for 20 minutes the representative said she had no information on what the repair would be or how long it would take or what the problem was or, more importantly, how it happened. Do I even want this car back??
    Kev ·
    Hey Jonathan, have experienced a buzz from the drivers door between 3000 and 4000rpm in my 2015 sport. Also got this in a similar car I test drove at the studio. I've seen others mention this problem as know and related to a loose bolt. Does it sound familiar to you at all? Any TSB's or fixes for it? Thanks for your help, and for being on the forum!
    rret ·
    Hi - not sure if this is the right place or not but could I please get a paper owner's manual for a 2014 Pop? purchased new in CT, USA on 8/23/14.
    thank you.
    amacento ·
    Happy Friday Jonathan. If it was, in fact, you ringing me yesterday, sorry I missed your call. I will ring you back today.
    smark ·
    Hello Jonthan. Can you tell me if there is a fix yet, for the rear window nozzle leaking.
    Also if there is a fix, for the creaking weather stripping on the doors. My car is going on almost 11 months now, 9,500 miles.
    Bought it at Olathe Fiat.


    Thanks, Steve Mark
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