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  1. High Mileage FIATs

    Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Wow... You are driving a Fiat 41,000 miles a year? When do you sleep? Have you owned it long?
  2. Fiat 500X 2016

    Fiat 500 4 Door
    I've worked w/ other alarms, but my 500 doesn't have a factory alarm. I assume this is a factory alarm? I hope I understand that the alarm is sounding off. OK, you lock the door and it will beep to tell you it's locked. Then the alarm goes off immediately, or does it wait a bit, like 2 AM, to...
  3. Heating stopped working

    Fiat 500e
    I think you'll find, if you pop the glass out, you'll see the sensor. (#7)
  4. Radio does not shut off.....

    Fiat 500 Sound Systems and Electronics
    I assume this is the factory radio, but you don't say what year/car. My '18 glitches occasionally and sets options at random. My favorite was when the system switched to Italian, but it has also reset the stereo. With some options, I had to set to a setting, turn off key, then set it back to the...
  5. 2012 Fiat Sport sides

    Fiat 500 Appearance and Body
    In the photo, it looks like the door and sill isn't straight... maybe a bad accident repair? I would assume the factory uses the same "impossibly strong" glue they use for the wing.
  6. Spam

    Community Help
    I can understand Spam, but in a foreign language?
  7. Start up fault

    Fiat 500 Abarth
    Ah, I get what you were saying. Oil wouldn't be getting into the cylinder, but would be collecting around the boot. Yes, that could be the spark plug tube seals failing. A failed o-ring around the oil-air separator usually would collect in #4 and 3 first. OK, so the mech is doing seals...
  8. Flashing mileometer

    That's a much cheaper price than in the US. Here new mirrors start at $65 and go up, depending on which parts house a person buys from. I don't know about your car, but mine requires that sensor for the automatic climate control to function... so a great place to start. Let us know how it...
  9. Start up fault

    Fiat 500 Abarth
    I'm not sure what a valve cover gasket would have to do with extra oil getting into the combustion chambers. How many miles on the old plugs? The factory has mine down for plug replacement at 100K, but Abarth owners are recommending every 30K. You might consider servicing the oil separator box...
  10. outside temperature reading very off

    Fiat 500 Sound Systems and Electronics
    Yes, per Mopar, you bought "mirror glass", while they refer to a mirror as the entire assembly. It runs $65 to $100 (new) online. The sensor is a black piece, about the size of a pen cap, with 2 wires running to it, attached to the mirror housing. The complete description is usually something...
  11. Service warning not extinguishing

    Fiat 500 Engine and Technical Discussion
    If it has the message "oil change" displayed, that reset should work, but a general "engine service" can't be reset that easily. Engine service comes on when an error is detected (mine did at 5100 miles, just after the first oil change) and at preset mileage. Mine should pop on around 32,500...
  12. Fiat Rear Hatch not opening

    Mechanical Issues (Owner) and Questions
    I would still suspect the hatch handle.
  13. Problems getting abarth inspected

    Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Maybe the wiring was done wrong, but I'd bet odds that this is not the cause. I'd probably take a flashlight and examine the port carefully, looking for bent pins or damage. It is possible the original owner used that port a lot. I'd think the dealer will also check the ECU to see if it was...
  14. Flashing mileometer

    Welcome to the group, Dave. By the year, I assume this is an EU car and most of us have info for NA versions. For the temp gauge, that is often a fail of the temp sensor, which is part of the passenger mirror. Although the sensor is a cheap part, it requires purchasing a mirror assembly. You...
  15. Turning Off Tire Pressure Light

    Fiat 500 Sound Systems and Electronics
    I've heard of that, but not in years. My first car w/ TPMS, my GF took the car for new tires. The idiot @ the tire shop tossed the sensors. They tried to hand me a line about "we always replace them when changing tires because they go bad". The car had 350 miles on the odo. Today a set is $100...