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  • Tweak ·
    I have been out of town all day but I also have seen via email and text and Facebook messenger that everyone is having issues so the site had some kind of issues today. Now that I am home I will look to fix anything still non-functional that I can. At least it is somewhat operational because I am here currently. :)
    FiatCares ·
    Smark.. not really sure.. could just be a bad cap. or the other obvious idea would be that it was never the cap to begin with.. but if it went away for three weeks after the first replacement, then I would assume it was the cap. When that warning light comes on, and then the cap is tightened, it would normally take a handful of ignition on/off cycles for the light to go off. How many times would you say the ignition cycled after the last time the light went on?
    FiatCares ·
    Unfortunately, there is not. I am actually working with a client right now with the same problem and this is what he found out:

    "Hi Jonathan, the Portland Fiat Studio is unable to fix this problem. He
    was advised by Fiat Tech Services that this is a know problem with no eta
    for a fix. "

    Engineering is aware of it now and working on a fix; just dont know how long it will be before its approved and released.
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