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This was my real first car. I fell in love with it the minute I sat in it. At the time they weren't making cars with much head room, something I need. This thing just "fit." I liked just about everything about it. Even things I didn't like at first, I became more than accustomed to. It didn't have a/c (what car that size did back then?) but it sure didn't need it. The venting system was well thought out for it's time. It even had a little fiber optic cable; sure all they used if for was to light up the little sign at the bottom of the vent flap, but who was using fiber optic cable in cars in 1973? (hint: no one)

It lived up to it's mileage claims (unlike the 1976 I bought later) and just did everything that was asked of it. The demise of it was that I couldn't keep it from rusting. Had a minor accident that crunched the very front of the driver's side quarter panel and even after repair it would just constantly rust out. Basically gave it away in 1982 (notice I kept it way longer than the 1976 that was originally going to replace it!), with only 78,000 miles on it because I couldn't legally drive it in Pennsylvania with cancer.

Broke my heart that I couldn't take it to Nebraska with me. Just thought I would not take my problems with me but with no inspections out here (they had just dropped them the year before I moved here) it might have flown. ah, well. I can still bend the ear of anybody who will let me about how great this little car was and how ahead of its time.

So now with the 500 I can start with that again!
1973 Fiat 128 (White)


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