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500 Abarth
17 forged Abarth wheels
I bought it last April at a mini cooper dealer in St Louis MO. They bought it at an auto auction from Louisville Kentucky and they were trying to sell it. 6000 miles and they wanted 17000 for it. perfect condition. I was daily driving a Harley Sportster 1200 that had 10000 miles on it. perfect v twin and just a 7 minute drive past forest park and Clayton. I wanted a motorcycle that you could sit inside. the abarth fit the bill. A superbike motorcycle engine in a microcar from Italy. Then an Austrian tuning company Abarth styled it for the european market. The engine and exhaust were designed in Detroit by the same tuners as the neon Srt that sounded similar. This car is acutally practical, fold down seats and enough space to move furniture. tall ceiling and might do a rear seat delete someday.
2016 Fiat 500 Abarth (red)


1.4 Multiair honeywell turbocharger and twin intercoolers. Stock Forged pistons and internals connected to a 50/50 distribution of power to the front wheels. 160 Hp and 170 lb/ft of torqe there is really torque anytime in any gear. So long as the engine is spooled up to 2500. you can jump a car length 20 to 40 or 30 to 60 no problem. Loud as **** through the straight pipe. Flooring it at any time will reply with a loud backfire of epic proportion for such a micro car. On recordings it sounds more like a blow off valve and the abarth is known to have fire from the tailpipe. lol your neighbors will hate your future group b rally car.
black cloth with a red stripe, on every seat. tin top no sunroof. lots of headroom and comfortable as ****. have fit 4 full grown men inside. the back seat was made to perfectly hold adults in the fetal position lol. but more upright and comfortable. I love the dash and the overall concept of this little rascal. Cool 3 cupholder setup up front. I got a cell phone holder that goes into the cd drive. two arm rests and the lowered passenger seat. I love the dash and displays. so basic and the trunk is bigger than you think. Could definitely fit everything for one/two people no problem. Basic basic
Red 2014 Abarth no stripe. gun metal dark 17" Abarth Wheels and stock everything. Fog lights are super bright so are headlights. no front license plate. never been stopped for it. I wax the car about once a month so it is always glowing red and loud as a mf
plugs usb and headphone jack. blue but never use
Wheel and Tire
Abarth 17"



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