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CULT (POP) 1.4 8v
1.4 8V solar roofs
FIAT CULT 1.4 8 V (CULT = POP) MOTOR FIRE EVO (EVOLUTION) FLEX (BI-FUEL). Motor: Front, transverse, 1.4 liters, 4 cylinders in line, 8 valves; flex ethanol and / or gasoline; electronic drive (drive by wire). Ethanol: 9.0 to 10 Km per liter. Gasoline: 12 to 13 Km per liter.
Number of valves per cylinder: 2.
Valve control shaft: One in the head.
Diameter x stroke: 72.0 x 84.0 mm.
Displacement: 1,368.3 cm3.
Maximum power (ABNT / regimen) 85 hp: / 5,750 rpm (petrol).
88 hp / 5,750 rpm (ethanol).
Maximum torque (ABNT / regime): 12.4 kgfm / 3,500 rpm (petrol) and 12.5 kgfm / 3,500 rpm (ethanol)
Compression ratio: 12.35.
Breaks: four Solid discs (Ø 257 mm) with floating calipers. Airbags: two frontal, driver and passanger.
Ignition: Magneti Marelli, digital electronics incorporated into the injection system.
Injection system, Magneti Marelli, multipoint, sequential.
Front: McPherson type with independent wheels, lower transverse swing arms, hydraulic dampers, double acting telescopes, coil springs and stabilizer bar.
Rear : With torsion axle and semi-independent wheels, hydraulic dampers, telescopic double acting and coil springs.
Number of gears 5 front and one reverse. Transmission ratio
1 - 3,909
2ª - 2,158
3ª - 1,480
4ª - 1,121
5th - 0.897
Reverse = 3.818
Transmission ratio of differential 4,071.
Front wheel drive with homokinetic joints.
Wheels Aro 6.0X15 "in light alloy"
Tires 185/55 R15
Vehicle weight: In running order (Std A) 1,061 kg (mechanical) 1,066 kg (Dualogic).
Load Capacity 320 Kg

Assembled in Mexico at Chrysler installations in 2014 and exported to Brazil in ALADI Agreement Brazil-Mexico till 2015. Exportation and salles stopped in Brazil due to economic crisis and dollar exchange rate plus other new cars of FIAT: MOBY , ARGO and CRONOS.
Fiat stablished assembler plant at Belo Horizonte in Brazil in 1977 and launched FIAT 147c (that is almost like FIAT 127) in 1978. Only in 1985 with Fiat UNO Fiat started to get good reputation in Brazil. FIAT still having problems with dualogic system due to cultural adaptation and bad trainning of mechanics. IN APRIL 2018:
Brazil's 10 biggest automakers in sales, according to Fenabrave
A year in slow motion.
Fiat holds lean leadership.
Volkswagen grows but loses market.
GM declines 4% in 10 months.
Ford loses 5.50% sales until October.
Renault consolidates in fifth place.
Honda has the biggest drop in sales.
2014 Fiat CULT (POP) 1.4 8v (WHITE PEARL)


1 and 2: reservatory of gasoline +pump + level indicator: original cold start system when you have etanol in main reservatory. 3 - body air filter cover
Battery Protection Battery Cover
And terminal protection (original lost)
Wheel and Tire
Pneu Nexen 185/60 R15 84h N Blue Eco



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