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500 Abarth Cabrio
Granite Metallic
All except dumb TomTom
I took ownership of him on 02/13/16. The 500 Abarth was not the top car on my list. But after looking at 'sedans' with 'sunroofs', I was not very excited at what I saw or drove. No panache; No character. So, one day I remembered: Hey, the Abarth is now offered in an Automatic version (bad left knee). So, I went and drove one; Bam! I was sold. Sure, it's small; My last car was small. What an exhaust note!! OH yeah! Then, I decided: I only live once; time to get the convertible. So, I chose the Cabrio. Figuring it is the best of both worlds: Open air with full body safety. it was a GREAT choice. I now love driving to work again. I have not felt that way in MANY years. I still hate traffic, but even traffic is more enjoyable now with the great exhaust note and the open roof. I want to find new roads now! So, I am joining owners groups and hope to meet like minded people, get some tips on great drives, and ideas on modifications I want to make to my Abarth. I so enjoy driving this car.
2015 Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio (Granite Metallic)



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