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500 Pop 5MT
Just a little of the extra factory garnish, otherwise boggo standard.
Just basic a-to-b transit - needed a cheap car when I was shopping for this but didn't want to sacrifice style or features like projector lens headlamps. No better deal to be had on a similar small car!

Not many mods, but what I have done:

1) Extra factory thingies, like sill plates, etc.

2) HID retrofit.

3) Aux Hella 500 driving lights. They're installed through the fog light bezels right now, but I will be making a custom steel bracket to mount them more sturdily & attractively with no holes in the fascia.

4) 20% tint.

5) Have ordered Fiat 124 wheel centers & beauty rings to replace the hubcaps and run a retro steelie look. Looking forward to getting them in the mail now!

Stuff I will do very soon:

1) Custom vinyl stripes. Not sure exactly what I want, but I have the ability to cut my own.

2) Some kind of mud flaps. Not sure if I want the OEM splash guards or something aftermarket.

3) Clear UV tint for the windshield.

4) Spare tire kit - merry christmas to me!

Stuff I might do eventually:

1) Lowering springs. I live on the surface of the moon though and don't want to scrape constantly though.

2) Big-*** custom steelies. Maybe 16inch, with something like a 0 offset. Need to figure the suspension out first.
2013 Fiat 500 Pop 5MT (Giallo)



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