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Verde Oliva
Lounge, Luxury
Purchased from Fiat of Clear Lake on 03 Sept 12, manufactured Nov 11 in Toluca. Originally delivered to Helfman Fiat in Houston. Luxury group, 6AT, allow wheels, tint. Cute little bugger.
2012 Fiat 500 (Verde Oliva)


New, dual note horn. K&N air filter installed.
Had a guy I know hard wire a nifty power port into the car - now I can power all my gadgetry.

Second Skin audio damper behind all interior panels.

Scheming and planning continues.

Talking to a guy here in town about overlays for the interior panels - leather, suede, etc. If they can make a Godwood Mini, I can have a leather lined 500, don't you think?

Interior ambient lighting, but something fairly discrete - and it has to match the dash lighting colors. I like the forum member who installed some red LEDs in discreet places - I think I'll do something like that rather than the Mopar ambient kit.
None yet. Probably going to leave the exterior as is - Q ship style. Plus, I like the way she looks.
Smart phone cradle from Hot Fiat. RAM iPad mount custom installed. Using the seriously awesome USB drive that Fiat mailed me for in-car MP3. I sure appreciate the clear information provided on the forum as to how to format tunes to play well on the car.

I'm THINKING about nabbing myself a working Motorola ATRIX phone - it seems to have the best functionality with the Blue & Me system. I have an unused line on my family plan, and I can have my incoming Google Voice number port into it as well. It'll be a "car phone" quite literally, but giving me access to the features Blue&Me advertises.
Wheel and Tire
Chrome valve stems and caps installed. The black ones I started with lost their insert after a few trips through the car wash, so I've purchased some new ones.



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