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500 Turbo
Verde Azzuro
Some peeled cows, optional hyper grey wheels.
Not much yet - swapped the yellow 13 pop for this, since it's a bit more anonymous where I live. Only messing about I've done with it is HID main beams, I stuck the Italian flag badges from the front fender onto the rear quarter where the Abarth wears it's badges, and tint of 25% on everything. I had a local shop fabricate a custom axle back for me, so there's that as well.

My to-do list: 20mm spacers, Madness agro 2 springs, some kind of CAI for induction sounds, and the DV+.

Just need the dolla dolla bills, yo.
2015 Fiat 500 Turbo (Verde Azzuro)


No photo yet, but a custom-fabricated axle back exhaust. Sounds mean, sounds loud, I don't think it sounds like a stupid NA Civic N1 can but it might not be quite the same sound an Abarth makes. Did I mention loud? It's loud.

Photos/vids coming soon. I want to help other turbo owners determine how similar to an Abarth's soundtrack this is so they can make a more informed decision about what to buy or fabricate.

The next thing will be the CAI for maximum induction noise. I'm trying to decide on buying something, or maybe going custom fabrication on this as well. I'm extremely paranoid about hydrolock, so I'm looking at different ways of routing an intake and locating a filter such that I can create a drain point in the ducting and make the possibility of hydrolock nil.
Two little things -

First, a fire extinguisher! This is a carry over from the Pop, because I got concerned when a few pops caught fire, and I've also had the unfortunate situation of having had cars (plural!) dump gas out through the purge canister into the exhaust, from the fuel rails onto the manifold & cats, and also my fair share of grounding issues leading to electrical excitement. That spot is a particularly good place to mount, as its out of the way but if you're tall like me, reachable from the front seat.

Dashcam! It's pretty dated at this point, but it works and the way to do these is to run you USB from the charging point in the glovebox up through the sound stripping between the dash and passenger door up into the A Pillar and headliner. No tools required, just peel it act, and pull the pillar off (carefully, cheap plastic clips) and shove it in there.

Tint! It's 25% all around, though I do not tint my windshields in whole because it seems like a bad idea. I need to have the solar strip up top redone, because I'm on windshield #3, likely to become windshield #4, and I'm waiting for a windshield to not break for at least a month before I spend the money a third time. If you do this, ignore the AS-1 line and have them do it down to the bottom of the frit (black-out area behind the rear view mirror).
Cute little Italian flag badges that were meant for the front fender, now on the back fender roughly where the Abarth badges go. I loved the badges on the Abarth but feel it would be a bit cheesy to do a rebadge on the turbo, so this is a festive alternative.

These are the $50ish badges, which are a much higher quality product than the $20ish badges also retailed by MOPAR. If you do this, spend the extra - so worth it.

4500kish HID high/low beams. Yellow fogs when I decide to bother, though those will be halogens not HID. If I can get a schematic, I might try to modify the fog light relay such that they can be turned on whenever. Only other thing I might do are yellow DRL bulbs in lieu of being able to run the fogs in the day like aux lights. Having a variety of colors (4500k HID lows, incandescent 3500kish DRL/city lights, and 2500k fogs) seems to go a long way to making you pr car stand out of traffic and visible to other drivers at night. I know the all 4500k HID/LED look is popular, but contrast is probably safer.
It's the right pedal, baby.
Wheel and Tire
I'm not going to do anything to these! I actually didn't like them at first, preferring the regular Sport split-spokes but they've grown on me a ton. When I shred the OE Pirrelis, summer rubber is going on. The tires are genuinely decent for an All Season though.

Except spacers. 16/20 mm, maybe staggered maybe not. It'll look so much better low and stanced.



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