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  1. Help finding location for ground wire with new alpine stereo

    Fiat 500 Sound Systems and Electronics
    Hello! I just installed an alpine ilx-w650 in my fiat 500e 2017. Unfortunately the stereo is giving off a LOT of static. My main guess is, I didn’t put the main ground wire into the chassis from the stereo, I rather just wired it to the small wire on the factory harness. I need help finding a...
  2. High Pitched Whistle from 20-40 MPH?

    Fiat 500e
    My 2015 500e makes the most awful whistle noise between 20-40 and around 40-45 the whistle goes away instantly. What is that? It hurts my ears.
  3. Fair selling price for 2013 500e?

    Fiat 500e
    Hello everyone! I am a Fiat owner in southwest Utah looking for some advice on behalf of my mom, who is selling her 2013 500e. I'd like to pinpoint a fair selling price because I have seen listings everywhere from $7,500ish to over $9,000. And of course if anyone is interested may be buying it...
  4. 500e Rear Diffuser options (anything?)

    Fiat 500e
    I'm surprised I can't find this anywhere, especial since there's a vast array of options for the Abarth - but has anyone seen any aftermarket rear diffusers for the 500e? Something similar to the Feroce Carbon Estremo diffuser at 500 Madness...
  5. Level 1/2 EVSE Switch

    Fiat 500e
    So, I have a Level 2 240v EVSE that can step down to Level 1 if it’s on 120v. Is there any benefit in adding a step down switch for the wall outlet I use so I can choose between Levels 1 and 2? I’m very new to owning an EV and have gotten conflicting information online about whether or not...
  6. Odd noise when braking

    Fiat 500e
    I was listening to an audiobook through the "AUX" input on the way to work today, and every time I braked I heard a static-y noise like air coming out of a bike tire. I turned of the audio and could hear nothing, so it doesn't seem to be a "real" mechanical noise coming from anywhere, probably...
  7. Turning off creep mode

    Fiat 500e
    While I'm told that there is no way to turn off creep mode through the regular menus and controls, has anyone tried getting it turned off by the dealer through their motor control interface? Or (even better) does someone know how to do it through the OBDII port?
  8. charging question...

    Fiat 500e
    I recently purchased a 500e and made the mistake of trying to charge using a regular 120v outlet at a friend's house. Since then, the car will only take a 120v charge even though I am back to using my 240v outlet. Any recommendations? I have an appointment with the dealer but was wondering if...