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  1. Fiat 500 New Member Introductions
    🆘 🚔🚨 1st mistake... I purchased a 2012 fiat 500 875 twinair at auction with the issue listed as “stripped”. 2nd Mistake... believing I could identify what was missing from the photos, I ordered the parts I needed (bonnet, FUSE BOX COVER, airbox, scuttle and wipers, battery and tray). 3rd...
  2. Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I’m in Houston Tx and wanted to see if anyone could give me some advice. I’ve called every fiat dealership around me . I got mugged and they took my purse with my only fiat key. I got 2 locksmiths to come out but they couldn’t program the key they provided . They were able to get the...
  3. Mechanical Issues (Owner) and Questions
    Hello, So for background I have a 2012 Fiat 500 from the original run. 191/500 I think. I’ve enjoyed it for quite some time now but the windshield wipers went haywire on me and as it was a likely wiring issue local shops wouldn’t touch it. So to a dealership where they wanted to charge over 2K...
1-3 of 3 Results