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  1. Fiat 500 Abarth
    Hi everyone. About to get my hands on a used Abarth. But I have just noticed the Blue&me fiasco that offers less functionality of BT than a standard one. As I did my research, all simple and cheap BT receivers that plug into USB and AUX port work to some extents of A2DR but have following...
  2. Fiat 500 Sound Systems and Electronics
    I recently got. A fiat 500 2009 plate, I have a windows usb slot which the previous owner said she use to attach a Bluetooth adaptor in and play music through her car. I got a cheap blue tooth adaptor so I could play music but I can’t quiet work out how to get it to play music ... also if...
  3. Fiat 500 Sound Systems and Electronics
    My Blue & Me USB connection has suddenly stopped working in my Fiat 500 2011. I've tried to 'Forget this device' on my iPhone and pair up the phone again but it's not made a difference. I've read about removing the negative battery for 30 seconds or so. Has this worked for people? Or do I just...
  4. Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I know nothing about car so I do apologise in advance I just got a 1.2 2008 lounge edition fiat 500 as my first car. It was easy to set up my message reader and phone calls on to the car, but when I try and connect it for music, it never works. I have bought the little blue and me adapter...
  5. Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone, I am looking to find a way to play MP4 via my phone's Bluetooth in my Fiat 500. I own a 2009 Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge. I do have Blue & Me but I don't know if this is able to play MP4, if anyone knows anything that can help that would be amazing! Thanks :)
1-5 of 5 Results