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  1. Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Looking for some answers. My 2012 Fiat 500 keeps having a battery drain. Ive heard the rear hatch operate with car off before and believe that is the issue. I have done a fuze read and there is no issue or a fuze i can remove for just the hatch. Any pointers on what can be done to stop this...
  2. Fiat 500 DIY Section
    It was working (Staying UP) one minute and all of a sudden it will not Hold itself in the UP position..? Doesn't seem like those two pistons or struts would give out at the exact same second... ANYONE have a answer. I've looked all over for the answer to this one.
  3. Mechanical Issues (Owner) and Questions
    Hello all, The rear hatch on my Fiat 500 sport (2015)stopped working. Initially I suspected that the liftgate handle was broken as the button on the handle was very loose and didn't click down properly to open the hatch. I took the entire back interior panel apart, removed the handle and...
  4. Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Hi all i'm having a lot of what I assume are electrical issues in my 2014 500 sport. Issue #1 is with my hatch, it seems mostly when it rains or when I wash it, It usually will not open. I've even had it unlatch on a rainy day while driving on the highway. It does it sometimes when its not wet...
1-4 of 4 Results