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  1. Fiat 500e - First Gen (2013-19)
    Hello from Slovakia, I bought 2016 Fiat 500e 4 months ago, great little car btw. After one month I noticed that battery coolant is low, so I add about half liter. But now, coolant level is again on same level as before. I am a little bit concerned - I didn't notice any leakage in motor...
  2. Mechanical Issues (Owner) and Questions
    Hi All, I purchased my first Fiat 500C Lounge a couple years back and absolutely love it. The only nagging issue is the trunk area... Every time I open the trunk it's very noticeably damp in there to the point where I just don't keep anything in the trunk otherwise for short-term trips (i.e. -...
  3. Fiat 500 Engine and Technical Discussion
    My 2014 Fiat 500L was discovered to be leaking automatic transmission fluid. Shop says it will cost $3,800 to fix the leak. This price tag seems high. Anyone else have issues with leaking transmission fluid? Any recalls related to leaks for fiat out there?
  4. Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Hi, so I have a 64 plate Fiat 500S which I purchased in September. No issues so far, but not driven for a few weeks while due to lockdown etc and got in it on the weekend and there was mould everywhere in my car (boot, all foot wells, passenger door). I knew this was due to something damp or a...
  5. Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Hi. After some ideas/ any advice please. I have a fiat 500 lounge, 08 plate. Purchased 1.5 years ago and noticed a bit of mould/ damp in boot but never thought much of it until recently. I have taken the full mats out of the boots. I have a leak coming from the back rear quarter (pictured). Its...
1-5 of 5 Results