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  1. Fiat 500e - First Gen (2013-19)
    Hi, I’m considering buying a 500e for when I’m up at my university due to the price, appearance, and that I want an electric car as opposed to a gas car, but plan to visit my parents who live ~75 miles from my university at least a couple times per month. The ride from there to their house is...
  2. Fiat 500 General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I'm in the market for a car and the Fiat 500 is one I'm highly interested in. Specifically, I'm leaning towards a manual 500 Abarth. Given that they are no longer sold new in the US, I'm looking in the used market. I've been doing my research on the 500 and other cars I'm considering and...
1-2 of 2 Results