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temperature sensor

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  1. Fiat 500 Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi! I don’t know if you can help, but I have a 2012 Fiat 500 that I’m having an issue with. A few days ago I had to have the shifter cable bushing replaced (recall item). I picked up my car and headed home. About 3 miles into the drive my AC quit blowing cold air and the temperature gauge was at...
  2. Fiat 500X
    My 2016 500X's CEL started coming on a week ago. At the same time I noticed the outside temperature reading was 30 or 40 degrees Fahrenheit below the true outside temperature. When I started the car the AC wouldn't come on unless I turned the temperature down to the low 60's. The engine would...
  3. Fiat 500e - First Gen (2013-19)
    Hello, My Fiat 500e is a 2015 model I bought used, imported from California, in Vancouver BC Canada. April 2018 is when I stepped away from ICE cars. Heating stopped working. Fiat dealer here in Victoria is (was) not interested in these electric cars and will not assist in solving problems. Did...
1-3 of 3 Results