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Late last year or earlier this year, my car started making this awful rattling noise under the car, it's mostly noticeable at low speeds and most especially on rough roads. When it's at it's worse, it sounds like the whole back or bottom of the car is going to fall off. It sounds like something loose is rattling or knocking against the body of the car.

Soon after that, I started getting a weird rattling in a different part underneath the car. This one is different, I think, than the other rattle in that it only happens at high speeds and in certain conditions. If it's windy, of if I'm driving a specific direction on the freeway, or when changing lanes, and sometimes when going higher speeds over 70mph. It started on a windy night, and it still seems to be associated with the wind considering it only happens when driving in certain directions or changing lanes or when really windy. When it's vibrating at its most, I can feel it against the floorboard of the card with a vibration.

I've had it in the shop, they thought it was a loose muffler bracket, but they replaced it and it's still doing both noises. They've checked everything else and said they can't find anything loose. Their next step is to replace some both front stabilizer links because they were starting to wear, but I really don't think that's the problem considering where the noises are coming from and the conditions it happens (at least for the noise that happens on the freeway).

Hoping someone else has run across something similar and I can give the Fiat tech some ideas.

It's a 2016 Fiat 500X.
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