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2011 MINI Cooper S Review
Updated MINI range builds on strengths, ignores weaknesses

It’s new? Are you sure? But it doesn’t look new. Then again, MINI hasn’t really come up with an original design since the ‘new’ Cooper debuted in 2001. And even then one could argue it was just a modern interpretation of the classic shape.

OK, so the 2011 model is just a mid-cycle refresh. That being said the Cooper, not to mention our more fun Cooper S test car, gets a long list of small upgrades in numerous areas that help add-on more of what the car does best. Unfortunately, MINI has done nothing to address the car’s few, albeit important, drawbacks.

Design wise, it’s barely worth noting the changes to the Cooper S with adjustments so minute it’s even hard to tell this year’s car apart from the 2010 model when parked side by side.
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