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This is a long post & I apologize in advance..
I purchased my 2012 Fiat Sport 5-speed manual transmission, used w/ approx. 61,000 mi. in Aug. 2019, & it appeared to be well taken care of. I've only put approx. 900 mi. on the engine since purchase. (approx. 10 months)
Right after I purchased car, I took it to a Fiat dealership, to have it serviced & preform everything that showed in the service manual to be brought up to date for the mileage. Previous owner had car serviced indicated by work orders provided to me, but I do not know if they were all preformed to be sure.
We use primarily for towing behind our motorhome when we want to get away.
During the winter months in Ca. it sits in indoor storage along w/ the motorhome from late fall to early spring time, & I do start the car & let idle a few times during this period for 10 - 15 minutes.
Recently I went to start the car & it cranked but would not turn over. (never had any issues prior to that).
I checked connections, fuses, (display / warning lights) on speedometer & anything that I could, but did not see anything that looked out of normal.
I called the closest Fiat dealership & service facility & spoke with the service advisor there, & she told me that it is a common issue with the Fiat that the engine lost it's oil prime from sitting to long, & would not let the engine start.(never heard of an engine having an oil prime issue). The service advisor mentioned to me that priming the engine oil needed to be preformed by the service dept.& was not something the owner should try to do on their own.
After many days of trying to diagnose the starting issue, including, draining the oil, replacing spark plugs, checking compression, & the multi-air system, it was determined through checking the oil pump pressure that it was not showing enough pressure to start the engine.
The service advisor advised me that the oil pump needed replacement, along with gaskets, o-rings, etc.
After replacing the oil pump, misc. parts associated w/ the changeout, the service dept. was able to start the car & test drive it.
The service advisor told me that these cars do not like to sit idle for extended periods of time, without being driven regularly, & to be able to maintain a predetermined constant oil pressure to the engine.
I'am curious to know if anyone of you have experienced this issue in the past? & I would like to here your thoughts about this.
I guess I need to drive it more often when it's sitting idle for a few months, but I didn't think this would be cause to replace the oil pump.
I talked to the mechanic who preformed the oil pump changeout & asked him about the overall physical condition of the old oil pump, & he said it must have been an internal issue with it.

Thank You in advance for your reply!
R. Galli
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