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I'm posting this more as a warning. I see there has been some other discussions, but no good solutions.

Last year, I bought a used 2014 Fiat 500L Lounge automatic with the Dual Dry Clutch. It's had its recalls for the gear shift module when that was issued, and the owner had regular maintenance. It was over 50k miles, so just out of warranty. It's now at 66800.

This is my son's daily driver (college age). A few weeks ago, he had trouble on the way home, skipping gears, and got a transmission warning, and the check engine light turned on. We got it to the dealer, and they pulled the code of a fault in the Gear Shift Position Sensor. They replaced that for $550.

Three days later, my son had the same issue with skipping gears, and got the transmission warning, then it went into limp mode and he got it pulled to the side of the road. Towed back to the same dealer who told us the issues were unrelated. And the cause of the issues is now the Hydraulic Shift Actuator that needs to be replaced - it is leaking fluid into the transmission. Retail on the part is $3025. They would give a 10% discount. You can find it online for about $2000, but if they install it, they won't warranty. Their labor is about $1500 (I don't have a written quote on that.)

KBB is $5000 - $6000, and the car isn't paid off, so it doesn't make sense to spend over $4000 on repairs.

I called other transmission specialists in my area. The highest rated shop said they don't have the tools to pull Fiat transmissions. Another (that has a local car repair radio show) couldn't understand why an automatic would have a hydraulic shift actuator, so they didn't seem to know anything about working on the transmission. The third wouldn't return my call for a quote.

At this point, I think I pay off the car to get a clear title, and sell it as a mechanic's special, or sit on it and use it as a trade in when a dealer has a special, or just donate it and take a tax break.

Happy to listen if anyone has any thoughts.
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