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Hi guys,

I just started looking for an affordable, used EV and came across one that's currently being auctioned off near me.

It has 27,000 miles, seems in great shape.

The issue is that it doesn't run, currently gives a "Limited Power Mode" warning when an attempt is made to start it.

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Since it's at an auction, I don't have the ability to do any additional troubleshooting without buying it. Right now the price is pretty low, though I'm sure it will climb.

I have another car and am happy messing around with it for a while to try to get it to work. I usually buy beaters and fix them up, though I've never had an EV.

Is this a terrible idea? Is this error the kiss of death for a car like this, or do you think it's something I could likely troubleshoot and fix?
You might want to check what the parts will cost and availability. I have heard stories that the battery will cost more then the car...seems to be the biggest you have a scanner to see why it is showing this error?
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