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Trouble in River City -- Tech help needed Badly -- Help !!!
Bought my 2013 Orange/white 500E in January 2016, one owner car with 19700 miles - have driven it a very happy, 25000 trouble-free miles. Drivers seat has torn
bottom driver's left side bolster, tried to get it repaired at two very good upholstery shops, and it refused doctoring. I bought some great condition 2017 E seats, removed
the old seats and started with install on passenger side and discovered the electrical plug from the seat won't fit the plug from the floor harness.
Then remembered that in '17 the nav system is now mounted up in the dash AND the wiring is not color matched the same as the seats plug. I'm uncertain if the car is
using a CanBus system or if the HV battery has been upgraded in some way. Does anyone have any experience to share about this issue ?? The new (to me) seats
are really in great condition, sitting in my basement.

I don't want to mis-wire in any way - if you have any suggestions, or experience or ideas --- please share them. Thanks so much ! David , Seattle

PS: If someone has a 2013-2015 500E black drivers seat I'd buy that and try to sell my 2017 set.
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