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Really nice! Expensive, synthetic exhaust note.

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As part of the massive Stellantis news rollout, Fiat unveiled its plans for an electrified future though Fiat is one of the few brands in the sprawling Stellantis portfolio that has an electric present. The Fiat 500mEV, is already on sale in Europe, and might one day make its way stateside. The more important piece from Fiat’s EV Day announcement is a performance-oriented one. Abarth, the badge most recently associated with the snapping and crackling Fiat 500 Abarth, will become electrified.

If this feels like bad news for fans of the Abarth badge, take it as reassurance there will continue to be performance Fiat cars in the future, albeit electric ones.

As far as what that means for the Abarth badge, we assume it means Fiats wearing the Abarth scorpion will sport either more electric motors or more powerful motors than standard models. The company could also make Abarth-badged Fiat cars sharper handling, to distinguish them from their entry-level stablemates. Ultimately, we’re going to have to wait a few years to see how it all shakes out.

If you’re an Abarth fan that still loves the snaring exhaust out of the 500 Abarth. The Abarth or the 124 Spider Abarth, there’s no major shortage of those on the used market. However, it looks like the all-electric Abarth-badged Fiats are going to silence the once unruly hatchback.
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