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2015 Fiat 500c Abarth
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So... This is my first post on the forums, and I wanted to share something that I have been working on for at least 6 months. I wanted, so bad, to have the functionality of a iPad in a small form factor. I went through 6 or so different 3D models to get the fitment and the kinks worked out. Now, my only issue is getting the ABS plastic to print without warping. I am in the process of building a housing for my 3D Printer to keep the temps from fluctuating. Anyways, I am considering selling these and if I'm breaking any forum guidelines, my apologies. I just want to get some feedback if this may be something of interest in the market before I invest more time and energy for other than my own personal Fiat. I hope everyone enjoys what they see and this is not quite a finished product as I am about to reprint the finished mount. Thank You.
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