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[$400] Goodwin Racing Koni Suspension shocks for sale

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I changed my cars suspension and now have these Goodwin Racing Koni Suspension shocks for sale. Mazda MX-5 ND (Fiat) 2016+. These are adjustable Koni Sports shocks (pre adjustable perch) , Progressive Springs (300lb F/200lb R) and have the 36mm/58mm special bumpstop kit. This setup had my car height at 13.00" front and 13.25 rear. No rubbing with 225/45, 235/40. No rubbing with 245/40 but the fenders needed rolling. This is the whole thing already assembled and ready to go. No washer drilling or spring compression tools needed. Just drop them in! I did 1 season CCR Autox, 2 VIR's and 6 CMP track days with these on.
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