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First off want to say I love my Fiat. I have had no issues with it at all but last night after celebration Turkey Day on the drive on down a dark dark road. A DEER JUMPED out infront of Maluch. I hit the deer going 45mph with the front passenger side. The deer after the second attempt got back up a ran. I got home and looked at the car and to my surprise not much damage. The front passenger side panel got dented in which prevent the door from opening all the way. And the Hood had a dent where the deer's head hit. The head lamp didn't break and worked but has deer hair stuck in the side. I drove it up to Fort Mill, SC to have the Fiat dealership look/fix it. They assured me that it will look brand new. They all were quite surprised with the little damaged caused. I will post pictures tomorrow of the damage. Just wanted to say the FIAT is not so fragile!

The car drove with any issues 3hrs away to dealership.
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