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Hello everyone! I just wanted to give a little info for those that own a convertible. So I have recently been testing conv. top cleaners and water proofing sprays. Here is a link to some of the products I've used.

So I have tested the Ragg top, the 303 and Chemical guys brands and what I found was, as far as cleaners go all three do about the same.
When it comes to protectant or water proofing the one that stands out the most and works the best is the 303. it is hands down not even a close comparison. Ragg top and chemical guys products don't even come close to providing the amount of water proofing the 303 did.

I would recommend that you absolutely test a very small inconspicuous area before going hog wild with any of these products. My top is grey and after it cured the fabric looks a lot better. (2013 500c Abarth)
I tried to post pics but not having any luck.
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