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500e CAN bus decoding

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Hey people,

I've been poking around the 500e CAN bus in my spare time, trying to decipher messages for custom behavior, data collection (like performance and battery health over time), and remote control. I believe I've identified 30+ messages, but want to confirm before sharing widely and going further down this rabbit hole. Any chance someone is willing to collect and share a minute or two of logs? You can PM me with an attachment if you aren't comfortable sharing publicly. Here is what would be helpful:

No adapter:
  • Connect the logger directly to the ODB-II port (I believe this is CAN-C?)
  • 500k speed
  • Make sure car is "ready"
  • Take note of any metrics you have access to: % charge and GOM from cluster. Pack voltage, Soc, SoH-R, SoH-C, ODO, 12v from AlfaOBD or Multiecuscan would be extra helpful.
Yellow adapter (requires a physical Alfa/Fiat yellow adapter or direct wire like it does):
  • Connect the logger to OBD-II through a yellow adapter (I think this is CAN-B?)
  • 50k speed
  • Make sure car is "ready"
  • Perform some actions inside the cabin (change gear, turn climate on/off, turn various lights on/off, press SWC buttons, open doors)
  • Write down which actions you did
Any format is fine. Here is a snippet (of pressing vol- on steering wheel) if you need an example of what I am looking for:
Thanks for any help/consideration. Also, if you've already done some of this work I'd be happy to help or compare notes. I'd love to get this all documented for tinkerers, apps, and integrations.
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I have the Fiat 500e vehicle and try to do some specific actions.
For example: Stop charging on 80%, Start AC remotely, Monitor vehicle via mobile phone and so on.

It seems that you already started to do the similar things. Will be much appreciate if you can share some experience.
As soon as I will get connection to CAN BUS, I also is ready to share logs and other information per your interest.

I have two ELM327 bluetooth dongles (one is normal, another is modified as "Yellow adapter") and they work correctly via android mobile phone and also on PC - Alfa OBD, Multiecuscan. I think to connect the wires to RX and TX pins and then connect them to PC serial port and log all exchange.
Trying to connect to dongle via OBD2 terminal is succeeded - for first testing purposes, but I wasn't able to get the response from CAN BUS. Can you share some initialization commands for ELM327 to get for example the SOC of the battery?

Thank you in advance.
Hello, I'm quite new with all this stuff, but I figured I would point out there is a set of example commands here by the same author. He doesn't seem to be very active on this forum currently.
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