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2017 500e, e-sport package, 8000 miles
-Koni Sport shocks/ struts
-energy suspension bumpstops
-Madness 500 springs
-Rota F-500 wheels painted white 16x7 et35 12.6lbs
-Conti Sport Contact tires 205/45/16
-H&R rear 15mm spacers
-Primer 3d trunk pull
-Primer 3d rear wiper delete
-Fiat series 4 taillights
-Hyundai 'electric' badge
-bazooka sub
-activated pedestrian sneak-up and scare system

To be installed:
-shortened hidden trailer hitch for bike rack
-Forever Panels ABS flat bottom panels front to rear
-led reverse lights in valence
-steering wheel spacer
-remove all the HOV decals
-remove orange decals
-maybe small front spacers

37 Posts
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Nice setup! Do you have any technical before and after performance stat?
Like mileage? No.
I drive this thing around town foot to the floor because the acceleration is so much fun. I have no idea if it's gotten any better/ worse mileage.

I do know it handles way better.
Tires don't complain when you push them.
A more comfortable ride vs stock dampers with abarth / cut 500e setup.
No rubbing.
Some understeer that should be able to be dialed out with a slightly larger rear sway bar.
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