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I’ve had a Fiat 500L 2014 for almost a year and I have had an intermittent issue with it not changing gear on a hill or slope. It can be ok for a week or two and then it starts again, for some reason it seemed bad in the hotter weather but maybe that’s my imagination. When I first bought it on the way back from purchasing it the clutch went which they replaced.
it can happen on a small long slope or a long hill. It flips on the screen from 2-3 or 4-5 whichever gear is needed. There is no power there to change up. It feels very dangerous as it has come to a complete standstill whilst trying to cross a busy road on a slope but I have now learnt to change gear manually in that situation which it does but sometimes, slowly. nothing is showing on the screen or the computer as a fault.
I am now able to pick my grandchildren up from school now we are through lockdown but It doesn’t feel safe at all.
The garage has had it back a couple of times but it hasnt done it for them as yet i keep saying someone needs to keep it and use it every day rather than just the odd test run.
Any suggestions gratefully received as it is back in again to be checked, as yet nothing happened for the technician, but I’ve asked him to use it every day in a similar situation. It is always on a slope or hill.
it Is still under warranty until the end of this month.
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