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Alfa Romeo's new 4C flagship 'affordable' sports car, which debuted at the Geneva Auto Show last week is likely headed to the U.S. according to brand CEO Harald Wester.

With that news, Wester also revealed that rather than have Alfa models sold alongside Maseratis, the automaker is looking to share showroom space with the Fiat brand – likely in an effort to draw traffic to new volume models like the 500.

The 4C won't be inexpensive, but will be more attainable than the 8C, which topped out at over $100,000. Made of carbon fiber and aluminum, the 4C is powered by a turbocharged 1.8-liter making 265-hp.

Along with the 4C Coupe, Alfa will look to add a Spyder (convertible) model, with rumors of a special higher-performance version build by Abarth.

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