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FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne told reporters at a Chrysler event in Ohio that Alfa Romeo cars would be sold in the United States in joint Alfa/Fiat dealerships starting in 2012.

The official statement pretty much puts to rest any rumors of a sale of the Alfa Romeo brand to Volkswagen, something was was reported by many outlets in the preceding days. While Alfa Romeo sales have been dismal over the past two years, FIAT brass are confident that the new Giulia sedan and a mid-size SUV will be able t0 lead the brand's return to America. Alfa Romeo has a tremendous amount of goodwill and brand recognition in the United States, and can be positioned as a sporty, upscale line within the Chrysler/FIAT framework.

More: Alfa Romeos To Be Sold In North America In 2012, No Sale To VW Planned on
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