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Any tips for removing the antenna connector under the dash?

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I purchased a my500e system for my 2017 with the special connector to attach to the factory LTE roof antenna. I have contorted myself in various ways but cannot seem to get it unplugged under the dash and I'm afraid of snapping something. Any tips for removing the antenna connector? I do not have a tool like the one pictured. My last resort is probably to take it to the car audio shop. Thank you in advance!
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Yes a bit tricky is a understatement,,,I finally got mine after many timeouts and hours of contorsion,,,when it finally came apart it was like effortless?extra hand would be nice !
I’ve done 8 or 9 five-minute attempts over the last 24 hours. I think that I have it narrowed down to my right arm and hand, index finger on top, thumb on bottom. Press index finger down on release tab, push inward slightly, then try to pull out??? 😵‍💫
I wanted to update this thread in case anyone else becomes desperate for help like me:
The answer to my question is that no, there really is no better way to explain how to pull the connector out than the provided instructions. I found that I did have the pick tool in my tool box, and I think that helped tremendously (still took a couple of tries and a couple of breaks). But, just like others have said, you're struggling and then all of a sudden is unclicks and releases like cake.
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I just read this thread, too late of course. For anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation, just go buy the tool. Having the proper tools makes life SO much easier, plus you'll have it for the next time and you'll likely find other uses for it. That goes for any tool.

I frequently use a pick at work, so I when I spotted a set on sale, I bought it for the tool cabinet in my garage, figuring I'd need some sort of pick at some point. I haven't needed one yet, but when I do, it will likely be in the evening after the stores are closed, and I'll have it. lol
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