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I was wondering if anyone has applied a protection product to 500C roof like Autoglym or 303? I know other car owners of other brand convertibles have used these products and the water beads right off the roof. I guy I know used the same product and still has water beading 2 years later. I cleaned and protected my roof and today the car is in the rain and there is no indication of any water beading at all. I attached a couple pictures.

I am wondering if there is something about the fabric of the 500C roof that makes was beading impossible? Has anyone else here used a protector on the roof?

Someone I know suggested that maybe some roof are different than others. Maybe some tops will bead with the protection and the Fiat will not simply due the constrution of the fabric.

Just FYI this is what I did in the application.

I cleaned and put protectant on my top. I used Autoglym product. I did not spray it on. I used a small roller and a brush to avoid over spray. Did get a couple drops on windshield that went unnoticed for a while. Man it was hard to get off.

I vacuumed the top. Wash whole car including top with car wash soap. Then wash the top again with Autoglym cleaner. Wipe off excess water and then rolled the protectant on while top still damp. I moved the car into garage to put protectant on. I did this to get out of sun and avoid any crap falling on top while I was working. It was a little hard to tell where protectant was applied you have to pretty meticulous to ensure you cover all areas. I left car in garage overnight for product to cure. The next day I sprayed a few little areas that I thought I might have missed.


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