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My salesman called me Friday 09 March and tells me they have 4 Abarth's ordered/spoken for, however, there is a fifth car that is going to the studio. He tells me it is not spoken for yet and wants to know if I am interested. Of course I am interested, but I shouldn't, I could, no I cant, but I wanna, no stop it ! i am posting this here in the hopes that some one will put their name on this car so I can stop torturing my self over it.

Here are the specifics;

Studio; Daytona Fiat, Daytona Florida. I got a good deal on my Sport and feel I was treated very well.
Sales Person; Ryan Williams, Ryan is knowledgeable about the product and will talk to you straight. Very professional to deal with.
Abarth details; 2012 Grigio, Black stripes and mirror covers, Navigation, Sunroof, Leather, and possibly Satellite radio.
Price; 25,900.(He was with a customer and was unable to confirm the 25,900, this was from memory. Call to verify price and details) Ryan tells me, as of right now, they are selling Abarth's at sticker with no "market adjustment". I have heard other Studios marking up 1 to 3 thousand dollars.
Date; According to Fiat the car should be there by late April/early May.

I do not promote people or business that I do not believe in. My car buying experience went very smooth, I saved $1550.00 off sticker, including $500.00 rebate, and was treated fair. Give Ryan a call to get the specifics on dealer prep, tax, tags and details I may have missed.

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