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AVOID STALLING! (with ~$60 Full-Function OBD) 5/7/23 Update

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UPDATED 5/7/23:

There's an unavoidable glitch that makes the odometer flash & can make the % gauge jump around & leave you dead at the roadside.

The fix needs $49 lifetime-membership AlfaOBD* (click here) for "Proxy Alignment" (pic below). That requires a $13 "Yellow Adapter" (click here), & THAT requires the right kind of OBD connector :rolleyes:.

Evidence indicates that an $81** OBDLink LX works. (click here)

In posts 9 & 11 below, @jakjak shows a $50 OBDLink SX cable + ~$10 USB-A to USB-C adapter also works with a phone!

* You should have that anyway, since it's needed to start the car if you get the unavoidable contactor glitch.

Click to enlarge:
Font Screenshot Red Software Parallel

** $90 minus 10% for signing up for the free newsletter
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Nice! And no worries. We're all figuring this stuff out together.

I, for the record, am a new owner of a 2017 and have disconnected the humidity sensor, stuck a wing nut on the battery, minimize my clunks, and will now start messing with the OBD data now that I have a working device. Thanks again for all of your work. I bought the car from a neighbor due to it being an EV that would actually fit in my tiny garage (after folding the driver mirror in) and I understand your enthusiasm for it. What a blast to drive.
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