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Hello fellow Fiat owners! :)

I am Bat, very happy owner of my little Blue Bella - a manual Sport.

Bladecutter gave a brief earlier introduction but since his post didn't have photos it doesn't really count (hee, hee). :p

As he mentioned, we found our beauty in Texas and had an awesome "break-in" back to CO. From triple digit heat and humidity to wind and sheets of rain in the dead of night to a 50 degree drop in temperature on highways of asphalt, grooved concrete, chip seal, and ruts bad enough to make one question whether it still qualified as a "road", the new little car handled it all like a walk in the park. I wondered how the steady climb in altitude would affect her as we live over a mile high. Again, a walk in the park - she eats up the mountain miles as easy as the flat lands with enough power to pass even at 10k+ feet altitudes.

We even had a few little adventures on the way - rescuing a family that was out of gas in the middle of nowhere (who were amazed to discover the car wasn't a two-seater) to "playing" with a Camaro SS that had a rough time shaking us. ;)

I traded in my convertible sportscar that originally listed at more than twice the price of my new Fiat and feel like I got the better deal (as measured by pure smiles/fun) :D

Enough blathering she is...

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