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Brake lights wiring for LED resistors

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Hey all,

so I’ve been replacing my old halogen bulbs in my 2012 Fiat 500 Sport with LEDs (turn signals and brake lights done so far). I had no issue with the turn signals as the lights I got are Canbus ready. However, for my brake lights, I’ve been having issues with getting the car’s computer to stop warning me to “Check stop lamps”. I have some resistors which I did my best to install and wire up correctly using wiring diagrams I found online. These were the only two I could find for the external lights (courtesy of a post on this forum a few years back!) I think I got the left one wired up right, because when I put the LED on that side but kept the halogen on the right, the dashboard had no errors, but I must have messed something up on the right side because my dashboard lights up with the error once I put the LED in. I can barely read what it says for the right tail light wiring, but I thought I read “green/yellow” for RT STP LMP, so I wired the resistor to the black and green/yellow wires, which clearly wasn’t the right move. Anyone have any advice? Did I wire it to the wrong wires?
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