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Hey guys, I was looking to see if Car cost Canada had the Fiat 500c costing, clicked fiat 500, but then they made me enter my info to go deeper, which immediately charged me for the base report that I didn't want. Still no costs for the cabrio in Canada, but since I got a report that I don't really want, figured I'd share. Base profit is indeed quite low on the car but rises quickly on an optioned out model.

For anyone looking in Toronto, figured I'd also share my dealer experiences. Right off the bat I highly recommend either Peel Chrysler (Josh West) in Mississauga (Lakeshore & Hurontario) or Maranello Fiat (Paolo Campli) at Highway 7 & Weston Rd. Both guys really know their stuff, are straight and upfront and will take you for as long as a test drive (or multiple one's) as it takes for you to be comfortable with buying the car. Personally, I ended up driving the car 5 times before signing the doted line. I was going to sign with Josh, but the dealer's far out of the way for me, and while I thought I would be spending more time around their for work that fell through. That led me To Paolo, who was actually recommended to me by Abarth on this board.

The One's to seriously avoid. First off, anyone that buys from Downsview Fiat Chrysler is just a plain foolish sucker. In ranted about them previously here, butv to keep it all together they are just plain old dirty. The type of sleaze that people think of when they think of the worst dealer stories. After taking out huge ads daily in the newspaper proclaiming their "SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE", when I asked about it I was quoted MSRP, and told that it was a special since they may increase the price later! Took me for the shortest test drive ever and refused to go on the highway, and seemed shocked when that wasn't satisfactory to get me to sign immediately. As bad as that was I returned once more and saw another sales person there and it got even worse. Why did I go back? They truly are close and convenient for me. In any case, this time I was allowed to go on the highway, but before I did I commented on the low fuel warning and was told the car was good for 40k. Yup, we ran out of gas and got stranded on the side of the Allen expressway. To make matters worse when I decided to save some time and see how much they charge for admin fee's and such the F'n woman refused to tell me in the car, due to "company policy". They only talk about that at the dealer. Are you F'n kidding me I thought, as I sat in silence for another 30 minutes with this dumb broad who lost any chance at making a sale.

The only other dealer I had remote experience with is North York Fiat. I didn't go there or talk to the people, but my in laws did. They both take what sounded like nice test drives. But the salesman knew very little about teh cars, and even less about upcoming models. i.e. when they mentioned that I wanted the convertible, he said they weren't being offered here ever, but perhaps I could order one from Italy! Not a big deal, if you get the right price from them, since I'd say that those on the board know more than 90% of dealers out there anyways.

Ok and here's the CarCostCanada report

2012 Fiat 500 2dr Cpe Lounge
Manufacturers Code: FFFP24
2-door Mini-Compact Passenger Car

Manufacture warranty
<<< PRELIMINARY 2012 WARRANTY >>> Basic: 3 Years/60,000 km Drivetrain: 5 Years/100,000 km Corrosion: 5 Years/160,000 km

Fuel economy
EnerGuide Estimate - City (L/100 km): - TBD -
EnerGuide Estimate - Hwy (L/100 km): - TBD -

Retail Price * Wholesale Price**
Base $19,500.00 $18,385.00
Freight $1,400.00 $1,400.00
Optional equipment selected
- 1.4L 16-VALVE I4 MULTI-AIR ENGINE (STD) (EAB) $0.00 $0.00
- 6-SPEED AISIN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION -inc: leather-wrapped shift knob (DF1) $1,300.00 $1,131.00
- 22J CUSTOMER PREFERRED ORDER SELECTION PKG -inc: 1.4L I4 engine, 6-speed auto trans *Upon selection of this pkg, the cost of powertrain components will be added* (22J) $0.00 $0.00
- 15" X 6" ALUMINUM WHEELS (WJJ) $250.00 $218.00
- COMPACT SPARE TIRE (TBC) $200.00 $174.00
- BLACK *No Longer Factory Orderable, See Dealer for Current Availability* (PXR) $0.00 $0.00
- STANDARD PAINT (-PAINT) $0.00 $0.00
- BLACK SEATS (CEQ) $0.00 $0.00
- PANORAMIC PWR SUNROOF (GWL) $500.00 $435.00
- HEATED FRONT SEATS (REQ: 22_ CPOS) (JPM) $300.00 $261.00
- SMOKER'S GROUP -inc: cigar lighter, removable ash tray (AWS) $75.00 $65.00
- REAR PARK ASSIST (XAQ) $375.00 $326.00
Totals including all items above $24,000.00 $22,495.00
*Retail Price - Also referred to as the M.S.R.P. or Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price or Retail Factory Price. The price the dealer wants you to pay.
** Wholesale Price - Also referred to as the Dealer Invoice Price, Dealer Factory Price or Dealer Cost. The price the dealer pays for the car, before adjusting for any applicable Factory Incentives. To start your negotiations, take this number, add a fair dealer markup/profit (3%-6% on most cars) and deduct any applicable factory incentive below.
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