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The official date and time has been decided and a location had been selected as well..

Date: June 5th
Time: 9:00 am
Place: Chateau cafe, 139 Robert E Lee blvd, New Orleans LA,

Please spread the word if you are on any exotic or exclusive car forums that are specific to your vehicle type.. As the goal of this gathering is to attract as diverse of a group as possible from classics to exotics and everything inbetween.. And to gain a respect for every car culture that this city has to offer.. And enjoying the fellowship between car owners with very different taste but yet have the same love for cars..

So please everyone that plans to come behave in a respectable manner!!
I'm not sure if many of you are around here, but it'd be great to see you! I'll be there in my Prima Edizione. This is the first time anyone's gotten one of these going around here to my knowledge, so it should be pretty cool.

Spread the word!
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