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Competizione cold air intake installation help

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I purchased their intake from will ( who is very easy to deal with!)
I tried to install the intake and the fitting for the first pipe that goes into the throttle body is a very tight fit. Just wondering if anyone has some
Tips for getting the first pipe through all those rad hoses

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Patience and take your time, the is a very easy part to install, you cannot force it you have to slowly fit it threw in order to get it in without damaging anything..
I spent a good 2 hours trying to install it. Its just such a tight fit, did you have to remove anything else aside from what the instructions said?
Maybe removing the battery would make it easier but by the time I thought of that I already had coolant leaking everywhere...
No need to remove the battery,
Are you sure you are using the correct pipe to pass?
It is the short pipe from the throttle body, then the longer pipe goes down bellow into the front bumper.
Yeah I am using the short on for the throttle body, I just can't quite get it to fit past all the wires and hoses that are between the battery and engine
I asked my mechanic about cold air intake and he had two cautions:
1) If you use the long pipe be careful of water, i.e., puddles, since if you take in water kiss your engine good bye

2) If you use the short pipe air is taken in from under the hood near the engine where the air is hot already so temp reduction is minimum

Better performance increase (power and handling) would likely come from using an oil, rather than air filter; racing exhaust; and a coilover kit (as long as the subsequent re-alignment stays in spec)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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