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We were looking for a new go to school car for our daughter after her Civic met an unfortunate end. We'd been thinking about adding a 500 to the fleet at some point as we're little car fans and have a few Minis, some vintage SAABs and a Morgan. By chance we discovered National rental car at GSP had a POP A/T in the fleet. So I rented it for a couple days earlier in the week. Liked it enough to trek to Atlanta and try some with manual tranny. Our thought was let kid take our 05 MCS and wife would get the new 500.

We drove a M/T POP and Sport. Both were much more fun than the A/T rental. But the Sport was well short of the MCS. So we popped for a POP and kid gets the new 500. Wife & I will wait for an Abarth! Tho, we're sort of disappointed in the lack of a 500c in Sport or Abarth trim!

Two days and 400 miles later the girls are still delighted with the choice. Other than terrible headlight aim all is well so far.


2012 500 POP Azzurro/Grigio
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