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Hi all,

I have a 2012 500 Prima with a 5 speed. While it has been a great little car (I've only had it for a month), the left (drivers side) CV boots went out at 94k. I posted previously about looking for a "quick boot kit," but it seems that this quick fix no longer exists. So I'm looking to just do the whole axle half shaft.

My question: is there anything I need to know about doing this on a Prima Edizione? I've seen posts elsewhere that suggest there are some differences, with one post saying they needed a "comprehensive kit" that included a new knuckle f, lower arm, and wheel bearing (the latter I plan to replace anyways). And then there was a TSB about the jounce bumpers creaking, so I might as well replace those while I'm at it.

I got a quote from the dealership for $1100 for parts and labor to do the comprehensive fix, but wanted to save $$ and do it myself if possible.

I found this used half shaft on ebay (45k miles) - not ideal, but not expensive either ($99)
Alternatively, there's a "pull-a-part" junkyard near me with a '12 500, and I could get that half shaft for about $20...

Any advice on this fix?

Finally, when I was under the car recently I noticed that the vertical frame rail connecting the upper strut mount to the frame was not attached on the bottom - looks like someone working on it previously had just sheered the bottom bolt off when replacing the struts (!). I'm planning on putting a self drilling screw into the frame for now, but any thoughts on what this might do to the car?
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