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Hi all, it's my first time to post here. I am just too excited for my Fiat500 - yes, i drove my Fiat500 with my iPhone because it's just a remote control one. Well I am just a college student and haven't saved enough money for a real car yet (I will someday!!)... but I just love love LOVE Fiat500 because it is sooooo CUTE!!

My UK friend told me about the R/C car after he saw its ad on AutoItalia. I wasn't sure about the model car when I first looked at the website, so I tried my luck to see if anyone has written an online review or even made videos about it. I found this video on YouTube. It seems to be a video made by the company.

Looks fun, eh? So I e-mailed AutoWave for a few questions I had about the product. And finallllly made up my mind to order one from their website. The model car is indeed pricey - but it is expensive for some good reasons....It is done perfectly!! It is a 1:43 model car so it is really small - it is true-scale and painted with geniune car paint. I couldn't believe that the Fiat logo can still be clearly identified.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car City car Red

There is a tip of the exhaust pipe at the back - which is very CUTE as well! LOL The headlights and rear lights actually work! When the car goes forward, the headlights are on. When the car goes backward, the rear lights are on.One more thing, it is different from traditional R/C car because its case is made of metal, not plastic, so I can actually feel the weight of the car. It would be great if the car windows aren't black - but I understand why they do this, probably because some customers wouldn't be interested in the electronics part of the car.

After wiling the appearance of the model car, my boyfriend tried the car with his iPhone. The app can be downloaded for free online. Frankly speaking, the interface of the app isn't too appealing - but it works fine. There are two control modes - virtual joystick and accelerometer (motion detection). I like virtual joystick better because it is easier for me.There are also 3 speed modes to choose from. BTW, the model car is controlled via Bluetooth. I was worried about the latency problem but the model car responds pretty quick - almost simultaneously with my command. That made things difficult for me and it took me some time to get used to it. It isn't easy to do what the video above showed... Anyway, when I started to get hold of it, I felt great - I was driving my dream car, even though it's not a real one. LOL

I am happy with this little R/C model car - and when I am not driving it, I can put it in the acrylic box (which comes with the car in the packaging) for display. :DI think it would be a great accessory for Fiat500 lovers like me. Isn't it cool to have one put next to your real car? My goal is a real Fiat500 after all... so I will have to be super frugal in the coming months or years........ :-/
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