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Dual logic actuator issues with my automatic fiat 500

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Hi all,

I’m hoping someone may be able to advise how many hours labour would go into removing the Dual logic actuator from my fiat 500.

My car was jumping into neutral without warning.

My car has been in a garage to do some diagnostics checks and they said they had to remove the whole actuator to check for damage and they are now quoting me £680 plus VAT saying that’s a discounted price and that it took 7 hours to remove it and will take 7 hours to put back. From what I have read it’s a much quicker job than that?
They are also saying the system will need to be re set when it goes back in and that will be another £170

Am I being ripped off?

thanks in advance for any advice

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I’m sorry, I can’t really help you with the labour quote. It is a bit of work to remove the Dualogic unit. 7 hrs sounds a bit excessive though… more importantly, what are they replacing? It does need recalibrated after installation. It’s just hooking up to the computer and run the process, takes like 15 minutes for all I know. But I don’t know what your shop charges, so again, it’s hard to say.
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