This charger cut our charge times in half compared to the charger that came with the car! That enabled me to volunteer half days at my daughter's flower/veggie farm instead of full 8 hour days only. (Her boss' husband is an electrician and installed a 240v plug-in at the farm)

We've used it since July, 2022 when we bought it new. Our car was totaled in an accident recently so we no longer need this. :( 2017 500e T-boned

Also included is an adapter for the standard 16A charger for 240V, which it will handle (see bottom of first picture). That reduced our charge time from 10 hours down to 8 which we do overnight because our rates are cheaper then. Plug in before going to sleep and it's ready to go to work in the morning!

Price is $100 for both - plus shipping cost.
Light Audio equipment Cable Gadget Electrical supply

Bottom of handle of main unit:
Fluid Liquid Drink Gas Cylinder