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The time has come! Just went to pick up my new tow rig and daily driver a couple weeks ago from Tennessee. Now that I have another vehicle other than the Jeep and Fiat, its time to start this party! My primary focus for now is to increase handling and lighten her up. I havent decided what kind of ridiculous build or swap I want to do eventually but it will fall into place sooner or later down the line.

A little about this girl. I purchased her back in October of last year with intent of building another track car. I got out of the track and touring life a couple years ago when I sold my 1990 Miata. After the Miata, I transitioned into a different kind of racing; Mud Bog and Mud Drag. I had a monster built 1998 Jeep XJ Cherokee. Had her on 6.5 inches of lift and stroked the 4.0 I6 to a 5.2. This little Fiat of mine will be getting some major treatment this winter!

Plans for Ms Harley Quinn are as follows:

-Gut Interior
-OPM Wheel and quick release hub adapter
-New wheels and tires (havent decided here yet...)
-Corbeau seats
-Full welded roll cage
-5 point harness restraint system
-Ram air intake
-Coilover suspension (again. still trying to decide)
-Chassis stiffeners and braces
-Custom light bar up front for night races and mountain driving

Shes pretty basic right now minus her Aggressive II springs from Madness Autoworks and a more proper set of rubber. I've also reworked the exhaust to give her a little better tone and flow. Stay tuned! This little girl is going to undergo a massive change this winter!

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